Painting the way to battle

Welcome to the new look Colour Of War!

Weirdboy went pop which enabled the upgrade

Where to start with the first new post on the upgraded Colour Of War site?! I'm excited to be bringing this update to you, especially due to the health challenges I have been suffering with, not just in the short term, but long term. It turns out that my mind is a bit of a weirdboy having been diagnosed with bipolar 2 and generalised anxiety disorder. Its great that I have the diagnosis and correct medication because truth be told I haven't been actively hobbying for some time, or indeed doing much of anything constructive.

I am aiming to write a piece of the health benefits of the hobby. the outline of the piece is in my head and im eager to bring it to you.

The good news of all of this is I am well on the mend which has enabled me to redesign this site to run much faster; the previous site used a content management system which bloated a lot of the code which resulted in slower performance than I would have liked which had led to me brushing up my html, css and other skills to code from scratch and find the joy I used to have in computer technology.

The hobby table is full up again and I am actively hobbying again; my first project was buidling all of Blackstone Fortress up andf undercoating (black) with a zenethal grey undercoat applied to the heroes to hopefully bring their saturation up a touch and make them brighter compared to the bad guys.

First up on the paint table are the Ur-Ghuls (I hope I spelt that correctly!)

You can see my progress with them to the right; I have followed the basic Games Workshop recipie with some slight additions with washes/glazes so far.

One of the key changes that I will be bringing to Colour Of War is removing the old date style posts - these are going to move to the weirdboys mind, a new section for ad-hoc hobby progress and chat. beyond these, content will be added into overall sections such as showcases, with photos of completed models and how to achieve the same look.

By making these subtle changes I am hoping to increase the quality and quantity of output on the site, because alongside the changes at the back end it is now far easier and pain free to provide updates.

Until next time, paint your way to battle!

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